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Need to know all types of Website Development Programming Languages

Client Side Programming

To become a Web Development and Programming expert you must need to know client side Programming. Client-side programming is basically a computer application and whatever the work or information is executed on the computer is considered as client-side programming it mostly interacts with the user it basically runs the code of our information. It is a website that mentions to the web browser that is seeing the page.

It contains coding which is human readable anybody can view the page source which means the information which is giving to the computer it can be seen. Client-side programming deals with languages asunder. It is not secure enough and it refers to the client.

Mainly work of client-side programming is done in javascript and HTML. If we are coding a web page by using client-side languages and perform a math operation like for example 3+2. The server is not going to calculate it.

The server will send the code to the client computer then the client will check the operation perform the coding and will directly show the result 5 on the screen this is the reason it is called client-side
language . some languages are as under.

⦁ Javascript

⦁ VB script



⦁ JQuery and more

The language supported by all the web browser is HTML and JAVASCRIPT.


This is the basic language for performing programming all the text that you want to display on a web page. In HTML you can add, font size, color, tables, images. HTML is not capable of performing dynamic math operations.


Same as HTML javascript is also a client-side language but it works along with HTML. To do all the dynamics works. HTML can’t do it on its own but with javascript, you can perform all operations.


Server Side Programming:

Server-side programming is a server application and whatever the work or information is executed by the computer is called server-side programming in this programming nobody can see the source code except the server it mostly interact with the networking and programmers.

In server-side programming, the codes are on human-readable they are machine code language which cannot be seen by the client it is secure enough because the coding is only in between the web browser and the server nobody else is in between.

In server-side programming, all the execution is monitored by the server itself. Largely used language is java. It is so opposite to client side in this all the work is done inside the server before the result is sent to the client computer so, if we add our statement 3+2 in a server-side language coded page.

The server will itself perform the operation and directly display 5 on screen. In this way, the client will never know how 5 number is achieved. Server-side programming is very reliable, powerful and eas,y to learn. Some of the server-side languages are as under.

⦁ Python


⦁ Ruby and more

Difference Between Client Side Programming and Server Side Programming :

In client-side programming, you can view page source easily but in server-side programming, you cannot view page source because it is in encrypted form. Client-side programming interacts with the user and server-side programming interacts with the server.

In client-side programming, the execution can be viewed by the client but in server side, it can only be seen by the server. In client-side programming client requests for the pages from the server and displays them to the user.

Whereas, the server is responsible for serving pages.

The client supported languages are javascript HTML, CSS and more whereas, server supported languages are Java, PHP, Python and more. Client-side programming is not secure enough and server-side programming is secure.


Difference Between HTTP and HTTPS :

Firstly, HTTP stands for (hypertext transfer protocol) it is a communication between CLIENT and SERVER. HTTP pages are stored on our computers and internet caches. And it does not require complete runtime properly.

The main difference between HTTP and HTTPS as security purpose like privacy is not present in HTTP anybody can see your content easily and can also alter change it.

It’s insecure enough because it does not contain any encrypted information. The one who intercepts the request can easily know the password and username.

Now, HTTPS stands for (hypertext transfer protocol over secure socket layer) it can be HTTP over SSL. In this SSL is acting as a sublayer the URL’s starting with HTTPS simply shows that there is a completely secure connection between CLIENT and SERVER which is encrypted with SSL.

It provides transactions with the mean of a key based encrypted code. The key usually contains 40 to 128 bits in strength. While higher bit shows the high secured layer.

If you are having an online shop or online business than for this purpose HTTPS and SSL is necessary. Another point is that HTTPS is a way more quite slow than HTTP.

Markup Language:

Basically, the markup language is designed for text, processing. It is specified for formatting of codes, layout, and style of a text file. Some of the codes which are specially used for formatting codes are called tags. It is a computer language used for tags to define a document.

HTML is a markup language used for creating web pages. The whole content of the page is defined by (HTML tags). The word markup is derived from the word marking up of manuscripts, in which handwritten mark documents are changed in form of printer instructions.

The most widely used language is HTML in world wide web. So, if we talked about markup language in simple then it defined as by taking an example of a ruler page in which we write our work with complete space and left and right margin same as in markup language we write HTML coding and tags with a complete layout.

The markup gives instruction to the software which is used for viewing the web page (web browser) that how the page should look and work.

Markup languages are used for building the web. Most markup languages are human readable languages because some coding are written in a way which can differentiate it from a text.

HTML defines in which way images, the text should be displayed in a web page. In short markup language is a coding language which deals with HTML language.

This is the brick to the web. When websites were just like static pages with text and formatting. Everything we see on a web page is a combination of MARKUP. HTML is the core markup language for all the web pages.

MarkDown Language:

Markdown language is quite different from markup language whereas, we know that markup language deals with HTML coding but in markdown, languages deals with plain formatting syntax.

It is mainly used to format (readme files). Markdown simply provides users to make changes in fonts of the text by highlighting it. Markdown is basically known as lightweight markup language. And this markdown language is also helpful for the editing of images and text styling.

Markdown was created as a simple way for the non-programing type to write it in an easy to format way that can be directly converted to HTML. The easy things are that its’ simple than HTML in this you don’t have to worry about opening and closing of tags.

For example:

If you want any heading in markdown language then first you will put an #heading1. Then for second heading use double ##heading2 for the bold look. Same as it only and only deals with text formation and editing.

Markdown simply highlighted your text in form of a paragraph, heading and others it is different from HTML coding.We only use syntax for the changing and editing of text and images in markdown language. This language is grammar supported language like a comma, full stop, extra markdowns.

It gives us additional features like new list term it automatically removes empty spaces, spelling errors using embedded math functions. It provides syntax theme support, highlighting and auto-completion.


Basically, SSL stands for (secure socket layer) and it is a computer networking protocol which is used for the secure connections between clients and server networking.

It is usually working as a protocol which allows browser and clients who are communicating over the INTERNET. The word socket from the abbreviation of it refers to sockets method which is used for passing data between client and server programmers.

SSL is widely played protocol to secure the web/internet. It secures million of people data on the internet everyday .Especially during online transactions internet user have come across their online security with the lock icon that comes with an SSL secured website.

When a web browser tries to connect to the website using SSL the browser will first request the web browser to identify itself. Then the web browser sends a copy of SSL certificate. The browser check and confirms that certificate is trusted, if it is trusted then the message will be sent to the web server by a browser.

It permits the encrypted information to be common only among browser and server. Some of the popular SSL certificates are as under.



Versing supports up to 256-bit encryption but it provides outstanding features and offered from many companies.


Expert support with 256-bit encryption and warranty offered by many companies.



It has SSL certificate solutions for just about anybody from home offices to business, the company offers up to 256-bits encryption and trusted by all browser.


IT is being used by multinational companies such as Microsoft, Yahoo, Facebook, and Amazon more. They offer up to 2048-bit SSL certificate at very reasonable prices.


Thawte is alternative low-cost SSL certificate provider they offer up to 256-bit encryption.


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