To get your website/blog in the first page of Google, Bing and other search engines, you need to work hard on optimizing your blog/website. We already discussed On page and Off page optimization techniques. Now here I’m listing top 1o basic SEO tips to optimize your blog.

There are a lot of SEO techniques are there to improve your blog ranking. Below I’m listing some of the top 10 basic SEO tips, start with these tips, even though they are basic tips but most effective too.

What are the top 10 basic SEO tips:

  • Write quality content
  • Target specific keywords
  • Maintain Keyword Density
  • Optimize your post title
  • Optimize your content
  • Optimize images
  • Post content regularly or more frequently
  • Create links between posts
  • Create and add a sitemap
  • Find broken links and fix

Write quality content: Start your blog with quality content. Quality content is more important for better ranking in search engines. Avoid copying content from others. All search engines will give high priority to unique content. Write fresh content and post on your blogs. Take more time to write quality content.

Target specific keywords: Before writing content, first target keywords for your blog. Insert target keywords on your blog post content. Suppose if you are planning to write a review to a mobile phone, do some keyword research on that mobile phone and insert target keywords such as mobile brand and model name.

Ex: Suppose if you want to write a review to iPhone 6, then place keywords like ” Apple iPhone 6″, ” iPhone 6″ in the post content.

Maintain Keyword Density: Placing target keyword in post content is more important, but avoid keyword stuffing. Place keywords only if they need in the content. For better results maintain proper keyword density. After writing content better to check keyword density and they post.

Optimize your post title: Not only the content, better to avoid copying posts titles also. Yes, you surely get better results if you take fresh titles for your blog posts. Choose fresh post titles related to your post content and place target keywords on it. Assign the H1 tag to your post titles.

Up to now what we learn….?

First, do keyword research to find target keywords and then choose proper titles to your blog post and next insert target keywords in post title and content.

Optimize your content: Optimizing blog content is more important. Content is a combination of text, images, and videos. First, write fresh content and add mix your content with images and videos for better optimization. Use header tags for heading in your blog post content.

Optimize images: Don’t forget to optimize images on your blog. Images also drive more traffic to your blog if you optimize them properly. Add an alt tag to all images on your blog to optimize, if need also adds hyperlinks to images.

Post content regularly: Updating your blog regularly with fresh content is also important for better search engine ranking. Post at least one article per week.

Create links between posts: After posting articles on your blog, build links between posts. Find the keywords that are related to another post on your blog and give hyperlinks.

Create and add sitemap: To improve your blog indexing, create a sitemap for your blog and add that sitemap to webmaster tools.

Find broken links and fix: Creating backlinks to a blog is important to increase blog traffic, but finding broken links of your blog is more important. Use Google webmaster tools(Google Search Console) to find the broken links of your blog and fix them by deleting or using 404 error page.

These above 10 are the basic SEO tips for all blogs/websites. Like these many important SEO tips are there but these are the top 10 basic SEO tips for beginners.


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