Each How to promote your website and every business needs a website irrespective of the size and location. In fact, as we are advancing in the digital world, each and every one of us needs a website and has a website in the form of social media pages like Google+, Facebook, and Twitter. There are certain things that decide how people reach to the website that is out there.

These factors are described one by one in the coming discussion and can act as a guide when you come across the issue of how to promote your website?


1. What Does a Website Do?

Before we even think about designing and launching a website, we must seek an answer to the fundamental question, what does a website do? In my opinion, a website is the main representation of an individual or an organization in the online world. You might be based in London but there might be people interested in the services you offer in Sydney. How do you reach out to them? The answer is developing a website.


2. The Web Development Phase

The Web design is just like a shop or a title page. This is where most of the visitors land on. Make a very simple design. Use bright colors and give your website a fresh look that is easy on eyes. Use clean fonts. Putting a few images would not hurt. Use CSS3 and HTML 5 or above as they come with very advanced options. If you are using WordPress or any other free CMS (content management system) then you don’t need to worry about the development platform. I personally choose PHP as it serves all my need better than anything else.


3. The Content on your Website

The content is the most important part of a website when you want organic traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Their intelligent algorithms read and grade the content on each website and then decide where they should be placed on their search results.

The Title is the most important part of the content. Choose a Title that best describes your service in a few words. Then is the description of individual services and pages. Write short and clear sentences, do not use dictionary words and be creative about the content. Do not copy and paste content from other websites.

Also do not use the same content repeatedly on different pages of your website. Use Images and Videos as part of your content. This is good for search engine indexing and helps your visitors understand your purpose quickly.


4. Social Media Presence

Social Media

It is a must to be active on the social media to promote your website. Make Facebook page for your website and if possible get a Facebook “Like Box” on your website. Make a Twitter account for the website and keep it updated with new things from your website. LinkedIn, Google+ and other social media platform can play an important role in this regard.


5. Build Quality Links to your Website

What makes a person important in the social setup? The number and status of people who know you define your importance and statue. The same is the case with Search Engines. They look around and gather the information about the link or URL of your website. You can build these links by letting others discuss your website by providing quality services. When your visitors are happy with your services or they find something useful about your website, they will discuss it on other websites and forums.


The other way is to submit your website to Quality Web Directories in appropriate categories. Choose directories that have at least a Google Page Rank of 5. Submit a unique description with your website each time you add your link.
There could be hundreds of more ways that could help you promote your website. In my opinion, the above 5 things were the most important and I tried to be as clear about them as possible. You could write down other aspects of website promotion in your comments.


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