Marketing is an important part of every business and making sure that your brand is visible and accessible to your customers is what will make your business online stand out from the competition.

In order to really achieve this level of brand awareness, online presence is extremely important. Here are some ideas about how you can make yourself really visible online.


URL Visibility


Your URL is your web address and one of the most important information that your customers and clients need to know. Always make sure that it is everywhere and that it is easily visible. No matter how good your website is, it really won’t matter much if your customers can’t find it.


Search Engine Optimization


When your costumers use their search engines to find you, your address, brand name, logos and similar stuff should be the first thing that pops up when they type your company name. In order for this to happen, you will have to get an SEO manager or start doing search optimization on your own.


Things like tags, metadata integration into your website and similar stuff are extremely important and the choice of keywords that you will use can effectively change your website visibility.


Email Lists


Make sure that you keep your former customers aware of the great offers that you can provide them with. The best ways to do just that is to create email lists of your customers and send them a new exciting offer that you have for them.


This way, they will always be aware of something new and interesting and keep in touch with your business online.


Discounts and Special Offers


In order to really make your customers interested in your brand, start offering them various discounts and special offer that your competition does not.

The best way to do this is by using your business online presence like the social media, for example, as this means that they will have to check out all the ads on it before they make the purchase.


Similar Industries


Using other business to get more customer traffic is a great way not only to expand your brand awareness but also build up strong business ties.

By exchanging banners and offering to redirect some customers to their stores while they do the same, you can really expand the range of customers that your business online attracts.


Social Networks


Being present on social networks and advertising your products and services is extremely important. You can be sure that you will do more effective marketing on social networks than with most classic methods.



Using the reviews of satisfied customers is an extremely important part of advertising and spreading positive opinion about your brand. When it comes to online marketing, social networks are probably among the most important elements.


Competitions and Awards


People love to have fun and get free stuff, from time to time organizing various competitions for business online or quizzes that give customers discounts can really improve your sales. A simple 10% off can be the difference that makes customers choose your store instead of the competition.


Local Community Support


Things like charities and helping out your local community while at the same time advertising that sort of help for business online can really spread the awareness of your brand at a fast pace.

While you would usually need a lot of time and effort to create a stable and sustained marketing campaign, this way your customers are the people who spread the word.


Returning customers


One of the most important things about keeping the business going is getting the customers to return. Online marketing is a great and powerful tool to do just that but it becomes even more effective when you combine it with simple traditional POS strategy.

Offer minor discounts online to every person who comes with a receipt from your local point of sale event and you can be sure that you will increase the amount of returning customers.

In present day and age, online advertisement and brand awareness are extremely important. With the numerous social networks and the speed with which they can spread the bad or the good word about your business, it really is important that you know how to use online advertisement tools properly


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