Many of the smaller firms just beginning to use an online marketing strategy will usually not know as much about this kind of project as some of the bigger blue-chip companies and Fortune 500 firms that have been pursuing these kinds of projects for a long time.

However, a company doesn’t need to be that big in order to use online marketing effectively. There are a number of ways that a smaller shop with just a few IT staff and marketing people can develop a plan to reach out to customers over the web.

Use Custom Analytics Services

These days, there are a variety of analytics consulting companies standing ready to assist small to mid-sized businesses in recognizing the potential of a web campaign that includes “big data” feedback and self-improvement. Companies like PointRight or SeoZoom can outfit a smaller business with specific tools for navigating the challenges of crafting a smart marketing strategy, we’re getting the right data in play is important.

Use Researched SEO

Search engine optimization is a major part of many online campaigns. While many companies get results without consulting specific keyword search technologies, it can be helpful to have dedicated staff doing research on what SEO strategies work and what should be integrated into future content.

Keyword research is especially helpful for trying to boost your search engine rank position. A great example would be how the company Havahart is doing this kind of research for keywords like “bird repellant.” This research is going to help them in the future in ranking for that keyword search term.

Build Easy and Functional Interfaces

In many cases, a company is going to need to design its web interface from scratch. Businesses use all kinds of open source or traditionally licensed platforms in order to make simple code into clever and compelling interactive customer sites.

Platforms like WordPress, Drupal, and Magneto have been useful to companies that are looking to “build something from nothing,” taking multiple pieces of raw content and integrating them into a site that works visually; invites users in; and helps them access what they need to make purchases, add product information, or learn more about the business.

Follow Up with Support

This last aspect of an online campaign isn’t something that many would equate with the technical job of establishing marketing outreach but is nonetheless a very important element of whether a web campaign works or not.

Many experienced project managers will tell you that support for a marketing campaign is more important than anything. Too many companies build up extremely capable web projects without sourcing individuals to assist with product information or figure out who will help customers purchase merchandise. The result can be a disaster, where the money put into web campaigns yields low returns simply because the final closing structure isn’t there, or because customers noticed the lack of support and stopped using a site.

Consider all of the above when putting together a detailed plan for your company or any other business goal that includes online marketing, or you can reach a greater target audience and convince more people of the value of an enterprise.


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